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Acres USA Magazine June 6, 2015

Be sure and check out our ads in this month’s Acres USA Magazine!

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Texas Farmer Contributes Rain News

We’ve got some great pictures and information on ongoing rain conditions in Texas. Download and read the entire PDF here: LAB NEWS 2015 05 TEXAS RAIN. First Page Preview: Texas Rain News May 16, 2015 or “Water, water everywhere nor any end to it” North Texas – The rains continue with no end in sight. […]

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400+ Likes on Facebook

Thanks to everyone who Likes our Facebook Page and follows us on social media, including Twitter and Pinterest. Posting latest news, blog updates, pictures and special events, thanks for following us at the social media of your preference.

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Water Testing is Crucial During Times of Drought

With Ongoing Drought Conditions in California, Texas, the Pacific Northwest, Greater Southwest and the Cornbelt, farmers and growers are increasingly having to rely on water brought in from outside sources, often of unknown and unverifiable condition. Here at the lab, there has been a steady increase in stories of incidents of crop failure and livestock […]

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