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Sneak Peek: New Equipment at the Lab.

We’ve got a sneak peek of something cool we’re cooking back in the lab! More soon.

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Water Testing Laboratory at TP&S Lab

We’re Testing Samples from All Over the World As drought conditions worsen in much of the world and California’s agriculture takes a devastating down-turn from lack of water, it is more crucial than ever that water testing and management become an essential part of farming and big agriculture. Even today, while many farmers go under, […]

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TP&S Lab Tests for Heavy Metals in Liquids and Soils

TP&S Lab Tests for Heavy Metals in Liquids and Soils You can now order our Heavy Metals Testing online at our store-front vendor Ordering on line is convenient and safe and secure. Ordering online gives your testing online tracking and provides updates on your sample and testing status via email. You can order Heavy […]

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TP&S Lab Hosts Soil Fertilitiy and Testing Session at “Soils Alive” Class in Coppell Texas

Soils Alive Class in Coppell Texas TP&S Lab mascot Frank A. Schultz, III, will be giving a fast-paced, action-packed and practical session that provides overviews of soil fertility and testing, plant nutrition and disease and insect issues, soil biology, compost, water quality and water conservation. The focus will be on food gardens. You’ll get practical […]

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