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TP&S Lab Testing Packages and Fees for 2014

Click Here for our new Testing Catalogwith Fees and Information. Updates For 2014 TP&S Lab has undergone a major update to our testing packages and pricing. It has been more than four-and-a-half years since we last had any price changes and we can no longer put off the inevitable. In addition to prices, there are […]

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Soil Testing Utah

Utah Soil Testing Testing this week at TP&S Lab: Soil from Utah for Barley. TP&SL is pleased to be testing soil samples from Utah for Barley crops this week. Don’t forget that all soil testing recommendations from TP&S Lab are specific to the crop you intend to grow in your soil. The great value of […]

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Soil Testing New Mexico

New Mexico Soil Testing Testing this Week at TP&S Lab: Soil Samples from New Mexico! This week at the Soil Lab we’re testing soil from New Mexico crop specific for Grapes. TP&S Lab has developed a proprietary format for soil testing specifically for grapes and is proud to test soil for grape crops from Napa […]

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Compost Testing California

California Compost Testing Testing this Week at TP&S Lab: Compost Samples from California! We are pleased to test compost samples for clients in California. TP&S Lab tests compost for commercial composters in the USA and Canada. TP&S Lab is certified by the US Composting Council for STA participants. TP&S Lab’s turn-around time for compost testing […]

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