Acres USA Magazine June 6, 2015

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Acres USA Magazine - June 2015

Acres USA Magazine – June 2015

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Texas Farmer Contributes Rain News

We’ve got some great pictures and information on ongoing rain conditions in Texas.
Download and read the entire PDF here: LAB NEWS 2015 05 TEXAS RAIN.

First Page Preview:
Texas Rain News May 16, 2015 or
“Water, water everywhere nor any end to it”

North Texas – The rains continue with no end in sight. Because it has been dark and wet for months, spraying weeds has been largely pointless and almost impossible. To try to control weeds before they go to seed, we’ve been reduced to mowing on the rare occasions when it has been dry enough to get into the field – a slow, expensive and much more temporary alternative to spraying. Few farmers have been able to plant anything and are now wondering if what they did plant will survive the water. Then, will they be able to harvest if the crops did survive? In the meantime, the weeds thrive.

  • Texas Rain News May 2015
    North Texas – The rains continue with no end in sight.

Read the entire PDF here!

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Water Testing is Crucial During Times of Drought

With Ongoing Drought Conditions in California, Texas, the Pacific Northwest, Greater Southwest and the Cornbelt, farmers and growers are increasingly having to rely on water brought in from outside sources, often of unknown and unverifiable condition.

Here at the lab, there has been a steady increase in stories of incidents of crop failure and livestock illness due to poor quality imported water. Water imported due to drought.

Water Testing During Drought is Crucial

Water Testing During Drought is Crucial

Water quality also deteriorates for growers and farmers tapping the lowest levels of nearly-dry wells. Increased salts and minerals in these waters must be accounted for and remedied when applying to fields or livestock.

While crop failures and livestock illness are immediate and devastating, the worst consequence of bad water is the great damage it does to the soil, often requiring years to correct. After all, what’s in your water becomes a part of your soil.

TPSL reminds everyone facing hard times in drought conditions that unknown water quality will only make the fight harder.

Don’t take a chance on the unknown quality of your imported water. Identify and correct water quality problems before they become soil problems, crop failures and livestock disease.

TPSL offers water testing for Agriculture Analysis, Livestock Suitability, Domestic Potable Suitability, as well as Aquaculture, Hydroponic and for Heavy Metals.

Learn more on our Water Testing page and order Water Testing securely and safely at our online store.

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