TP&S Lab Testing Packages and Fees for 2014

Texas Plant and Soil Lab's Consolidated Fee Schedule 2014

Texas Plant and Soil Lab’s Consolidated Fee Schedule 2014

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Updates For 2014
TP&S Lab has undergone a major update to our testing packages and pricing. It has been more than four-and-a-half years since we last had any price changes and we can no longer put off the inevitable. In addition to prices, there are some major changes in soil tests.

The Comprehensive CO2 Extraction Method Soil Test is now simply called the “TPSL® Soil Test”. Because we believe that Texas Plant & Soil Lab is now the only lab that offers this once-popular test, we simplified the name.

After years of watching Boron levels decline in soils across the board – due generally to depleted organic matter – Boron analysis is now a standard part of the TPSL® Soil Test, rather than being offered as an optional extra.

Several tests have been dropped – the Basic Soil Nutrients Test and the Standard CO2 Extraction Method Test. These were dropped because they did not include essential soil nutrients necessary for healthy plants.

Getting all the Info
A special note when purchasing soil testing from our retailer at We are receiving a lot of samples without the required information being furnished by the customer. All the information requested is essential for TP&S Lab to provide you with accurate interpretations and recommendations. We must especially have the Crop or Plants being grown; the Area the sample represents; the Sample Interval, and your Irrigation Water source. If you have not furnished this information, we will have to contact you for it and your report will be delayed. We cannot test samples until we have sufficient information to complete a report, so be sure to provide your telephone number and e-mail address. Also, please provide a history of the area to the best of your knowledge and fertilizers, adjuvants, compost, etc. you have applied. All of these things are factored into our interpretations and recommendations.

TP&S Lab too often receive bags or bottles of samples with no identification at all in containers without the client’s name or address. As you may suppose, these samples are set aside until we hear from so me one wondering where his report is. One of the main benefits of to you is notification by us letting you know your sample has been received. But we have to know to whom the sample belongs. Be sure to always include the lab sheet in the shipping container. If you are sending in bulk samples or are using your own zip-lock bags and shipping containers, be sure to tape around the bags and pack them securely in the container to prevent bursting during shipment.

What’s In Your Water Becomes Part Of Your Soil™
We are seeing big problems almost universally with irrigation water quality. Aside from damaging or killing crops, bad water can do serious long-term damage to the soil. If you irrigate, we strongly urge you to order one of the irrigation water tests along with a soil test – especially if you know your water to be hard or salty. If you have bad water, we will use the water analysis as part of the interpretations and recommendations in your soil test report. Texas Plant & Soil Lab can offer solutions to mitigate bad quality irrigation water damage.

Call TP&S Lab at 956-383-0739 to talk about your testing needs today!

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Soil Testing Utah

Utah Soil Testing

Testing this week at TP&S Lab: Soil from Utah for Barley.

This Week at TP&S Lab: Soil Testing from Utah for Barley Crops

This Week at TP&S Lab: Soil Testing from Utah for Barley Crops

TP&SL is pleased to be testing soil samples from Utah for Barley crops this week.

Don’t forget that all soil testing recommendations from TP&S Lab are specific to the crop you intend to grow in your soil. The great value of TP&SL soil test is not just in the superior accuracy of the soil contents, but in our proprietary recommendations geared specifically towards your crops nutritional needs weighed against the soil’s makeup.

In our soil testing, up to two crops can be included at no additional charge per sample. Your soil test report will include crop removal rates, fertilizer guidelines, and up to three or four additional pages of detailed interpretations and recommendations.

And just in case there is something in the analysis or the charts or the recommendations that you do not understand, every soil test report from TP&S Lab comes with up to 10 minutes of free telephone discussion on an as needed basis.

TP&S Lab is helping farmers all over the world grow greater crops using less fertilizer and less water. TP&S Lab is helping farmers grow crops where others said they could not be grown. TP&S Lab is helping farmers grow greater crops in fields given up to disease.

TP&S Lab has been leading the way in sustainable agriculture for over 75 years. Call TP&S Lab at 956-383-0739 and discuss your crops today.

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Soil Testing New Mexico

New Mexico Soil Testing

Testing this Week at TP&S Lab: Soil Samples from New Mexico!

Soil Testing New Mexico

Soil Testing New Mexico – This week at TP&S Lab we’re testing soil from New Mexico.

This week at the Soil Lab we’re testing soil from New Mexico crop specific for Grapes. TP&S Lab has developed a proprietary format for soil testing specifically for grapes and is proud to test soil for grape crops from Napa Valley California to Bordeaux France. TP&S Lab has developed a proprietary format for plant testing of grape crops, including stem testing, petiole testing, and plant sap testing. TP&S Lab works hand in hand with Texas Wine Lab for vineyards and grape growers for wineries. TP&S Lab is proud to be a member of the Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association.

Visit our webpage for more information on grape specific lab testing for soil test, plant test and winery testing. Call us with any questions regarding the nutritional guides and crop programs we have for hundreds more plants and crops at 956-383-0739.

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Compost Testing California

California Compost Testing

Testing this Week at TP&S Lab: Compost Samples from California!

Compost Testing California Samples at TP&S Lab

Compost Testing California Samples at TP&S Lab

We are pleased to test compost samples for clients in California. TP&S Lab tests compost for commercial composters in the USA and Canada. TP&S Lab is certified by the US Composting Council for STA participants. TP&S Lab’s turn-around time for compost testing is second to none. TP&S Lab has made ordering compost testing easy by placing all of our Compost Testing Packages for online ordering. Online ordering of Compost Testing includes instructions for taking, packaging and submitting compost samples. When you order your compost testing online, you receive email updates and can review your test order status online. For more information about our proprietary Compost Testing methods visit our Compost Testing Webpage. If you have any other questions or need specific compost testing protocols that you don’t see here, please give us a call at 956-383-0739.

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